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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Space Odyssey 1-14-07

Space Odyssey? What the heck were we talking about tonight? PrinsepeK buys Remi a one dollar gift from Target which turns out to be one of the crapiest, yet most interesting, movies ever created. Not sure what we're talking about? Steal a buck from your parents and head to your local Target dollar spot.

Download Space Odyssey.

Open Eagle 1-7-07

Introducing our special guest, OPEN EAGLE. Enough said.

Download Open Eagle.

A Halloween With Doh 11-12-06

Finally, PrinsepeK has uploaded Doh Boy's emotional farewell as well as the last in our special Halloween episodes. Try not to cry Viter ... oh wait, you weren't in this one PUNK.

Download A Halloween With Doh.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Taming the Tikbalang 11-05-06

No, I'm not talking about the band named 'Tame the Tikbalang.' Okirampa is back, and what I'm talking about is more of our crazy Filipino ghost stories. This episode is so scary that we even scared Viter away. If you think our podcasts sucks ... well, this probably won't change your opinion, but e-mail us so that we can reply with viruses and crap. Trust me, the episodes keep getting better from here.

Download Taming the Tikbalang.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Halloween Episode 10-31-06

Happy Halloween everyone. This is our first annual 'Halloween Episode', and in honor of this milestone we're reviewing Filipino ghost stories and mythological creatures. Be prepared to be scared ****less, and listen closely to hear Viter wet his pants. There's nothing like stories of women splitting in half, flying up in the air, hypnotizing tourists, and eating babies. Like I said, BE PREPARED. This is just the first in our series of 'Scary @ss Filipino Ghost Stories.'

Download Halloween Episode.

DohBoy's Farewell 08-27-06

WOW. Sorry guys, this is Prinsepe K and you can blame the delay on me. It's been almost four months since I posted a podcast, but this post from August is well worth the wait. It's Doh Boy's emotional farewell. Listen to us talk about Tony Jaa's new movie and the 'Juggernaut.' I'm the 'Juggernaut B....'

Download DohBoy's Farewell.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Buhawi 08-22-06

Whoa, Remi and Prinsepe K had one crazy weekend. Listen to the story of how they survived the perfect storm ... and dodged ground beef. Maraming salamat sa Mishi, EJ, and Homemade Siopao for all of the support and comments on the website. Any tips on how to heal Okirampa's thumb?

Download Buhawi.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ayaw Ko Na Dito 08-08-06

Episode Number 10. No intro, no preparation, just the craziest story you've ever heard told by our very own Remi and Viter. Join our impromptu gathering to discuss why you should never drive with three white girls in the back of your car ... especially if they're Viter's friends. Also, in all of our excitement, we accidentally said a couple things that required 'bleeping.' Figure out what we were accidentally saying, count the correct number of bleeps and e-mail your answer to prinsepek@yahoo.com to receive a free picture of Viter naked ... haha. Oh, and if you're not sure where the title for this episode came from, try visiting Prinsepe K's My Space and watching the video. Salamat.

Download Ayaw Ko Na Dito.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Oki'rant'a 07-24-06

Finally, the group is back in full force. The original members of Tambay Sa Looban are all back for the first ever Oki'rant'a. An incident at iHop has Okirampa and Remi mad; so mad that they are doing the one thing they swore they would never do on this podcast ... rant about some old "packer" who thinks he owns Bloomington, MN.

Download Oki'rant'a.

Tambay The Musical 07-16-06

WOW. Our first episode without Remi. It wouldn't be right to do it without him, so instead Okirampa, Viter, Prinsepe K, and Ilbis get together to do what they do best ... butcher musical hits from the 80's, 90's, and today. Prepare yourselves for the first ever "Tambay Sa Looban - The Musical."

Download Tambay The Musical.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Paputok Episode 07-09-06

Kumusta. We have good news - our mixer is back, but Viter isn't. Instead we have a special guest - Doh Version 3.6. Listen to our new ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES segment and find out what a Haji is. Remember to send your hate mail to prinsepek@yahoo.com, care of Okirampa. We've also finally compressed our files to make it easier for our friends back home to download. Maraming salamat EJ.

Download Paputok Episode.